After being invited to undertake a band workshop with Primary aged children in 2008, Ruairidh Anderson launched the Jamming Together Rock school program which today sees hundreds of children receive weekly music tutelage in our inspiring and exciting band sessions.


In addition, New Musicians Institute now provides guitar lessons, piano lessons, drum lessons and violin lessons fom our Shepperton teaching studio.

Mission Statement


In an age when music tuition is either cut from school curriculums or economically out of reach for many, the New Musicians Institute prides itself on providing a quality musical education for all, regardless of socio-economic background.



Throughout the years many hundreds of children pass through our programs, a very small percentage of which may one day make music performance a means of income. A larger portion we hope, will continue to enjoy music in some form into adulthood.


All students however benefit from the development of self discipline, resiliance and self confidence, traits that are immediately called upon, encouraged and rewarded above all else in all of our programs.

It is through the fostering of these attributes via music education, that the New Musicians Institute seeks to help grow and strengthen all, for whatever the future holds.

 Ruairidh Anderson  
Founder’s Notes 

With a variety of options both online and in the local area available for those seeking music education, finding the right music education can be difficult. I personally stand by all of our tutors to ensure that you or your child, experience the very best possible service. 

We’d love to hear from you!

Contact our administrator Sally:




Tel: 07421 367140




Email: admin@newmusiciansinstitute.com

Tel: 07421 367140

5 Bush Road, Shepperton, TW170HX.

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