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Informal Noun
Getting together with others and making music
Simular - Fun, Learning, growth

Jamming Together -

Launched in 2008, Jamming Together is a proven and trusted club for kids to learn and get inspired playing their favourite music together. 

Children are coached each week in their sessions with by their professional tutor.


Students gain an insight into their instrument and how it integrates with the rest of the band. They gain excellent rhythm, listening and teamwork skills through rehearsing towards our gigs and recordings.


Its a real team sport that can take place in any room great or small! 



Ask any musician what are some of their favourite things about playing an instrument and they'll tell you its making music with others. 

Keep them talking and they'll also tell you about the magic and buzz you get playing music with others on stage. There is really nothing quite like it!

We bring this every week into classrooms, school halls, studios and stages throughout the UK every week.


Every term our bands take part in large concerts in professional venues, they also have the chance to record in one of our professional recording studios , creating a green screen music video to cherish forever. 

We aim to not just foster a love of music and playing music with others but also create opportunities for young people to grow in confidence, resilience and develop their communication and interpersonal skills.  

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