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Choose JammingTogether for your school

Music Class


A Jamming Together club has all the social benefits as playing a team sport. Pupils even work towards termly concerts and recordings. 

Jamming Together is the place for creative kids who would benefit from a social, creative and LOUD outlet.

Music Concert


Children suffered a real setback after covid and Jamming Together can help get things back on track. We want to help children develop socially and cognitively through music and develop a lifelong love of music that's really affordable and accessible. 

Music Concert

Jamming in your school 


Get in Touch 

Complete our form and our director  will be in touch to arrange a meeting or a call. We'll learn more about what you're looking for at your school. 

We'll handle the rest, we will provide all the musical equipment free of charge to your school.  We'll also come in and do a full assembly, demonstrating live music. 


Moving Forwards 

Our clubs can run as Breakfast, Lunch, during the school day or after school clubs for up to 10 children per session, We can run as many as these sessions are is needed.  We will handle all billing and timetabling as well as parent communication. 

Instruments are also available for students to rent as well as special discounts for families in receipt of income support. 


Up and running

Children in our bands are part of our community, they will have free access to our termly events including concerts which their band can take part in. They will also receive milestone awards in their band as they develop, celebrating teamwork, overcoming musical obstacles and leadership.

Contact Us

Thankyou we will be in touch in the next 24 hours

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